Invest in Silver Now! says Robert Kiyosaki – Learn How To Earn Silver Eagles

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Why an $1800 Investment in Silver Today Will Likely Be Worth $100,000 Within The Next 15 Months.

As the value of the dollar declines, the price of silver and gold increases reflecting the loss of purchasing power and trust in the dollar. This is why gold that sold for $250 per ounce in 2002 now sells for over $1100 per ounce today. The value of gold has not increased. Rather, its price in dollars reflects the decreased purchasing power of those dollars. Now here’s how to take advantage of the dollar collapse to get out of debt, pay off your mortgage and more.

At the time of this writing (12-18-09) the spot price of silver is $17.31 per ounce. I know this may be hard to believe for many, but when the dollar is devalued and a national banking holiday is called to realign banks with the newly devalued dollar, silver will soar. No, let me restate that, the cost of silver will shoot up and skyrocket to unbelievably high dollar amounts.

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Imakeplanesboom says:

When they print our money into oblivion, everyone will try to get out. But
people with sound money won’t want paper, they want


Help me out here… if and when gold & silver take this “Leap of unheard of
value.. what then do you do with it..? sell it back for what..? dollars &
euros etc. that now have no value..?? pay my rent with it..? why would I do
that if the rental dollar is no longer a trading tool… ? I am really lost
as to what and how to use my little stash of these metals as far as living
my life.. Does my question make any sense or am i as much of a moron as I
think I am..

brewerscrew says:

@tonybonez Still think he’s wrong? It’s not rocket science, if the Fed
pulls money out of the economy the purchasing power of a dollar goes up, so
you can buy more silver with it, but they aren’t pulling money out, they’re
giving it to the buddy’s in the trillions. It’s not over, China is buying
silver, they see the dollar on the ropes, and when the world stops buying
our debt, we will have to print it too.

john mckay says:

its 2013 now and nothing is happening with silver…

Juani Sorto says:

@tonybonez well at least give it until the end of the year before you pass

eflip1 says:

Obama is a lapdog.

tonybonez says:

@Motoicon what has silver done in 2010????

Nathan H says:

@tonybonez Quick, get out of it (:

arojas007 says:

Silver is $35 May 2011

tonybonez says:

Yes I do…… do you remember the scene from Fantastic Four: Rise of
Silver Surfer, where Jessica Abla asks the silver Surfer why he is doing
all of this.. and he replies that he is doing it for his wife back on his
home planet… I am sure she would have a silver pussy, but I don’t have
her phone number or address, so good luck!!!!!

Numismatic Chalk says:

Ha! Its Kiyo again! You’re seminars suck and your books are rank! 3 years
from now this clown will peddling something Time to point the finger and
shame this guy out of metals

German Power says:

Its gone down, now is the time to buy while you still can.

shortcoursetim says:

who will buy silver at $100,000?

tonybonez says:

This guy is totally wrong!! Silver is dropping like a stone—-down a full
dollar 2 days ago and another 25 cents today!!!!

Motoicon says:

@tonybonez Really? Gee, here I was thinking it has been a good investment.
I bought a boatload at 10.32/oz and now its near 18/oz. Silly me……I
better do as you suggest since u r clearly an investing legend…..

PatricksTime says:

i am holding all metals till obama stops printing!

EastCoastVlogger says:

its 2012 and silver is 36$ an ounce the man was fucking right wake the fuck

investinsilver1 says:

wow robert does it again! love it americal eagles are lovely and investing
in silver is great!

travelmonkey1112 says:

stack silver…you have nothing to lose…you’ll just make out like a
bandit. Either way, silver went from $15 to $48 for those wanting a quick
buck. One day, these loose hands will get burnt when silver goes and it
doesn’t look back…and it will. Easy to see…people are already losing
trust in the dollar.

dragonplumnuts says:

Interview from 2008 $15 an ounce on silver currently $17.39, so it is
creeping up some have predicted $28 by the end of 2010; regardless it seems
a damn site better than 0.5% in a bank with inflation above that it kinda
still makes this look an attractive option for wealth preservation.

Dreama40 says:

Will property prices drop when the us goes into recession, when the dollar
is worthless? If so i might be able to a few properties with my 1ooo ounces
of silver!

CheeeeePono says:

Price of silver is dropping today…that’s mean to buy more! Anyone heard
of SilverSnowballHQ. com?

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