US Capital Markets Course: Wall Street, Stock Trade

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US Capital Markets Course: Wall Street, Stock Trade
* Fully interactive, easy language, comprehensive explanations
* Suitable for those with no previous knowledge
* Plenty of animations, videos, examples, illustrations and charts
* Human voice over
Topic Outline

1. Introduction
Welcome To Wall Street | A Quick Glance at the Financial Markets | Popular Financial Instruments

2. The Stock Market
The American Stock Market | Stock Indices | Analyst Recommendations | American Depositary Receipts – ADR | Regulating the Stock Trade | Initial Public Offering – IPO

3. Exchange Traded Funds
Major Brand Names | Fund Names

4. The Bond Market
The Global and American Bond Market | Risks Accompanying Bonds | Corporate Bonds | Government Bonds | Municipal Bonds | Mortgage-Backed Securities

5. The Players in the Market
Investment Houses | Infrastructure Companies | Traders

6. The Mutual Fund Industry
Advantages of Investing In Mutual Funds | Sorting Funds by Investment Sector | Mutual Fund Fees | Hedge Funds

7. Real Estate Investment
REITs – Real Estate Investment Trusts | REIT Indices | The Five Biggest REITs

8. Structured Financial Products
Structured Deposits | Structured Bonds | The LIBOR Interest Rate

9. A Quick Glance at the Derivatives Market
Options versus Futures | CBOT – The Chicago Board Of Trade

10. Opening an Investment Account
Brokers | Account Types | Fees | Protecting Investors

Global Finance School Library – Read this before you order

The DVD that you receive upon purchasing this course is the Global Finance School Courses Library. It includes all 10 courses offered by Global Finance School. Along with the DVD you receive an activation code that unlocks only the course that you purchased (and can be used for activation on up to 3 PCs).


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