What are green investments?

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What are green investments?
Purchasing stock in a business that is an industry leader in terms of employing environmentally conscious businesses
practices in a traditionally “ungreen” industry may be considered a green investment for some, but not for others.
While it is environmentally sound that the company is making the best precautions in preventing any direct damage to the environment through its day-to-day operations of drilling for oil, some people may object to purchasing its stock as a green investment,
because burning fossil fuels is the leading contributor of global warming.
Green investments are traditional investment vehicles (such as stocks, exchange-traded funds
and mutual funds) in which the underlying business(es) are somehow involved in operations aimed at improving the environment.
This can range from companies that are developing alternative energy technology to companies that have the best environmental practices.
Therefore, prospective green investors should research their investments (by checking out a green fund’s prospectus or a stock’s
annual filings) to see if an investment includes the types of companies that fit their personal definition of “green


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