What is the best investment and kit to buy to shoot DSLR?

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Season 2 Episode 1

What is the best investment and kit to buy to shoot DSLR?
DSLR GURU Philip Bloom shares his thoughts with The Production Office LIVE!

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spector films says:

You guys are worried about the interview quality..lol. come on. 

Sebastian Vergara says:

the colors of this video reminds me of the 80s TV or VHS…

VeryHugeAss says:

BlackMagic Cinema – $3000 U.S.

Anthony Orsino says:

Can anyone specify the model name of the old Nikon lenses Phil is reffering
to in this video along with the proper adapter? Thanks.

Peter Koperdan says:

Future-proofed old Nikon lenses – well said Mr. Bloom. They will work no
problem with Nikon D800, unlike most other lenses 😉

Ben Ericson says:

@alanbstard4 Price, size, etc… Time lapses, are they possible with the
same control as a dslr? Also, the fact that the DSLRs don’t look like video
cameras is an awesome selling point for me.

Ethan Villanueva says:

nice to see philip bloom

MrTBaginz says:

lol dude check Red’s site o.O

Justin Vitale says:

what a good camera for cinematography and sport filming and low light? and
how should i record audio?

RedBandito says:

Specifically what are the older Nikon lenses you refer to in this video?

AnimalCrossingFor3DS says:

The RED Scarlet-X has been out since January…..

photographerjonathan says:

I would really love to see your August 2012 followup video to this one,
talking on the same subject of the smartest investment in 2012, best video
camera in the 101 price range ect, how the AF101 fits in to the video
market now in 2012, Gh2 / OMD, 5D mark lll, and lens investment, audio
investment ect

Paulo Robert says:

there’s also takes from the security camera 😉

Gloire Dollar says:

Can anybody help me: Compare Rode NTG-1 Professional Microphone to Superlux
PRO-H7F Professional Microphone. which is better to use on the DSLR if you
have the DXA-2T Thank you

itsmeTIBOR says:

Is this video taken from a VHS Tape. Haha such bad quality

PHarmonyNetwork says:


rinku j says:

@alanbstard4 Hi..i need little help..i shoot in 25fps Pal..shutter speed
50..problem is i get motion jitter in my footage..kindly help, if you know
the best settings for video shoot in 5D

Mr Camcorder says:

@geoffdoor correct!

Davey C says:

“Chewing Bricks” I’ve never heard of that band, must be a punk band

Anthony Orsino says:

Turin Brakes

AshKilamande says:

@RedBandito I believe he means nikon AI or AIS lenses. you can get them for
cheap on ebay or Keh dot com and they are very versatile and have a very
cinematic feel and look.

thundavolt says:

In January 2011 he sad the Scarlet is coming out this year. it’s now April
2012 and there’s nothing maybe Red should just quit.

Stephen Carmona says:

It’s clear that he had nothing to do with shooting this video other than
being interviewed.

Client Videos says:

My thoughts exactly !

neilamadhava says:

Why is Paul Ross selling me cameras? “It’ll look lark a skwilion dollars”
Fuck off!

reticulan5 says:

Canon need to make a camcorder with a 35mm sensor but be able to shoot in a
codec way above 100 meg/sec.DSLR,s need to have XLR inputs

Bradley Stearn says:

Great video!

kundai Vera says:

cool MS40’s in the bg. same near field monitors i have.

ldschurch-leeds org says:

Have a listen here: dvcreators . net/shotgun-shootout/# (remove spaces)
Rode sounded a bit muddy to me.

Ahmed EL Mohalawy says:

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find a smart free video explaining how to create better photos. This made
it possible for Matt to create photos that leave you with that
jaw-dropping-effect when you look at them. Hopefully it works for you

Panzzoo says:

The scarlet is out for a long time already. DAAA

geoff door says:

@LoveCamcorders you wanna make your own stuff mate i am editing a film
about kilimanjaro …DNxHD

dulesavic92 says:

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vladimir Gooner says:

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