What should i do if i get a medical report i do not agree with in my personal injury claim in WA

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In personal injury claims including motor vehicle injury claims and workers compensation claims it is common to get reports a person does not agree with, especially where the injured person is sent to specialists chosen by the insurer. If you have an existing claim, why not contact Foyle Legal at 0408 727 343. Foyle Legal Website: http://foylelegal.com/, Personal Injury Page: http://foylelegal.com/personal-injuries/, Foyle Legal Address: 5A/74 Kent Way, Malaga, Perth, WA 6090, For more videos about workers compensation claim in Western Australia, https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOVRh8CJltOj0BJ0XnegpFPHPA-xwQfia


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